Never judge a book by its cover


Everyone sees the cover, but we live through the pages. So what is behind the blue eyes and blonde hair? What gets me going and what throws me off guard? What makes my heart race and what makes my eyes teary?

As I celebrated my 30th birthday mid June, I was awoken by new energy, overflown with gratitude at the past 30 years and what I dreamt, accomplished and even at times failed at. Yet it was the prospect of the next 10 years that got me up and running! As I graduated from high school and university, the world was my oyster! I dreamt insanely big dreams, some at times rather unattainable yet I still spent time on them to make it work. I relocated to Dubai, where I started out on a very promising and successful corporate career, yet I longed for more! It wasn’t long until I completely fell head over heels with golf, and the rest became history. 

Golf took me to some of the most beautiful (and strangest) places on the planet. It taught me how to be at rockbottom and still look at the stars. It taught me a level of self discipline and determination that no other sport I ever played could’ve taught me. Yet golf also broke me into pieces and I had to rebuilt the empire again. It was during this time that my dreams was shifted, from pushing to qualify and compete at the summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020, to rather embrace golf and the opportunities it handed me daily. I started to rather dream dreams of owning an olive grove in Southern Spain, a boutique hotel in Croatia, registering a few trademarks, empowering women and children across Africa through education and improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare in third world countries.  

Recently I sat in a Japanese restaurant with a great friend of mine, he pulled out his iPad and opened a document that looked like a network of spiders. I was rather confused. As we discussed the details, I soon realized the network of spiders were a representation of all the aspects of my life and what I stand for. It was in that moment that I felt extremely overwhelmed at what I have accomplished, what I am currently accomplishing and what the future holds. I then realized just how grateful I am for everything I had, I have and will have. 

By the power of your words, your tongue becomes a pen that writes your book of destiny. Persevere in preparation for your destiny. Everyone sees the smile on the practice area, grafting on improving skills in order to shoot consistent low scores, but not many knows that my heart ticks for something more, for something bigger. It is one thing to lift a trophy, bank a new prize cheque and have terrible tan lines almost year round, but it is far more appealing to see smiles of hope as you bring change to others lives. 

-MG xx