Walk into your future.

You can’t look backwards and forward at the same time. Stop using what was to determine what will be!

Your tomorrow does not have to be like your yesterday. Too many people today are predicting their end, based on their beginnings. In life the most important thing is not where you start, but where (and how) you finish. 

7 days post surgery (SLIL, TFCC and Scaphoid Lunate fracture repair with cannulated screw)

7 days post surgery (SLIL, TFCC and Scaphoid Lunate fracture repair with cannulated screw)

When I walked into Dr Heras’s room on the 10th December 2018, I knew the diagnosis could be bad, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I will be working on an operations team within the industry today. As part of my PGA studies, I have to complete practical hours. I enjoy the challenge, I enjoy the change of environment and I appreciate what is takes to build and run a masterpiece, world class product. But, I miss golf. 

I walked into her room, with confidence, that I will be competing in 2019 in South Africa, then Asia and Europe from June onwards. I had the most beautiful plans set out in front of me, fairytale dreams and all this still reminds me daily on my MacBooks desktop, the Top finishes, the glorified stats we’re all after.

I walked into her room, with no doubt that those dreams will be realized in the year as I was putting the hours in with my coach. Doing more than what is necessary, to ensure I tick the all of the boxes at the end of a successful season. Little did I know, that on the 10th December 2018 I would hold my driver and putter for the last time. 

It has been a dark, uncertain rollercoaster. I did not bought a ticket for this ride. However, I know that I had to get on this rollercoaster to learn some of the most valuable lessons in life, some I could never have learnt in any other way than at the feet of my Father. Not only did I found myself at a crossroad to choose between a playing and a working career, I also met some of the most amazing and inspiring people during this time, I learned that in time it all makes sense, but that time is all we have.

I cannot look back at what might have been, should have been, or could have been. I can only look at what is still to be. I sacrificed everything and more the past five years, for a playing career, and within this ‘time or restoration’ I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer, I needed to allow this break to happen. And only then, when it was that I found myself at rockbottom, it was time for me to move forward with renewed energy, focus and goals. Only at rockbottom, did I met some of the best people in my life, that would help shape my future, that guided me to see the bigger picture. 

I am blessed, I am grateful and I am thankful. The scar on my wrist will forever remain as a symbol of a new chapter, as a reset button and a key to open many new doors. I am proud of my battle scar, and thankful that I realized I couldn’t look back and kept asking why/what if. 

I may not know when I can walk onto a first tee box and hit a 265 yard drive again, but at the minute, I am so thankful that God can interrupt a person’s life and change their destiny for His good. 

-MG xx