To become better, the best ever, I am not going to stop.

Some might wonder why I haven't played much in 2018, some might wonder when I will play again. To keep it short and simple: I think of the past few weeks as a massive transformation phase and learning curve.

PGA Residentials at Royal Jnb & Kensington

PGA Residentials at Royal Jnb & Kensington

I was ruled out of my season in Asia and Europe due to a wrist injury and decided to take a few steps back - the hardest thing to do for any professional athlete, I believe. During this downtime I made a few challenging decisions, which I believe was the crossroad that I had to face to turn things around for my playing career. 

Being plagued by two injuries in the past two seasons, I had to sit down and have a coffee with myself, analyzing where the path will continue to lead if I stay on the same route, doing the same things. It wasn't the most comfortable introspection session. I got back into a strict training regime off the course to prevent being injured regularly, I read a few books and somewhere in all of this, I found a love for golf again.

I have approach the PGA of South Africa, and started my PGA Diploma studies in May. I appreciate my coach's interest into my game, but I quickly learned that I have a huge interest in club management rather than coaching. I am currently doing my PGA as well as a Management and Leadership diploma, to create a stronger position for myself in the industry in the future when I eventually transition from a playing to a corporate career. 

Through my studies, I quickly became aware of many training errors I have made in the past where I forced myself daily, rather than listened to my body, I didn't analyze my results sufficiently and therefor I didn't train with enough focus. I soon realized that I fell into the trap of training for quantity rather than quality. Results were not in line with the effort I put into training, resulting in a loss of confidence. Dare I say, mental burn out? This is the last place where any athlete wants to find him, even more difficult than admitting to being in a bad place. Being challenged by poor results, lack of confidence in my game and myself, battling the recovery process from injury and over-training, I decided to set aside my clubs for a few weeks. I started to focus more on getting my body stronger. I soon slept better and slowly started to miss golf again. Now I cannot wait to get out everyday to play 18 holes and honing my skills again. It is still an upward battle, but I enjoy the process. I embrace the struggle, as I know I am on an upward spiral again!

Looking forward to what comes next on the calendar: I will start my 2019 Sunshine Ladies Tour preparation in September in South Africa. In December I will compete in Western Africa in the 3E Actuaries Open. My focus for the 2019 season will remain on the Sunshine Ladies Tour and The Philippine Ladies Golf Tour and I will add the Ladies European Tour Access Series to my schedule.

Every challenge I endure, every challenge I embrace and everything I do, is to become better - the best I can ever be. I am not going to stop.


-MG x