Golf is my life and my life is golf.

I injured my wrist 5 weeks ago (during prep for CLPGA q-school), but still played in the Philippines and China despite. When the pain didn't subside, I decided to seek a second opinion in South Africa. 


1 March 2018.

A new day. A new month. 31 new opportunities.

Today's appointment was scheduled for 13:00. What seemed to be a normal day, with normal prospects quickly turned into the unforeseen. I suddenly found myself waiting in line at the hospital's radiology department. Looking around me, I saw nothing but fear, anticipation, eagerness, but also signs of hope. I too, was hopeful of a positive outcome. 

"Madeleen Grosskopf" echoed it around the corner. It was my turn.

I was waiting again. 

The once cheerful nurse came to me with a brown envelope in hand, this time with a little less cheerful attitude... The surgeon was waiting. As I left radiology , my mind rushed ahead. I entered the surgeon's room. Her smile too wasn't that positive anymore. Her greeting was more businesslike, less enthusiastic and a whole lot more serious! We had a thorough discussion - a bit one-sided; she explained and I remained stunned. The verdict: Scaphoid fracture of my lead wrist, a spica and 6 weeks of rest, then rehabilitation.

Devastation took over almost immediately.


Today marks the third week - it is the halfway point!

From today I am allowed to start putting and do grip strengthening exercises. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It can only improve from here onwards! 


During these past three weeks, I learned the value of rest, commitment, health and preventative medicine. 

I read a book, nearly finished the second already.

I caught up with family and friends.

I spent a lot of time at the beach attempting to neutralize my golfer's tan.

I started a healthy eating regime.

I worked out daily (well almost!)

I slept (too much!)

I did everything I normally complain not having enough time for.

I decluttered my surroundings, my life and my mind.


But most of all, I rediscovered my "why"; the reason why golf is my life and my life is golf.