"You are a Vessel. Filled with purpose."

As many who follows my journey, will already know that I became golfscape’s brand ambassador earlier in 2018. Part of their support, and to increase exposure opportunities, they have provided me with a custom designed staff bag.

When the bag landed in Dubai, I couldn’t contain the excitement to burst into the golfscape office and tear the packaging open to lay eyes on the new bag that will accompany me on tour in 2019 and for as long as we remain in partnership with each other. Only challenge was that I was in Ireland and then South Africa for four weeks to attend personal and family affairs and started preparations for the 2019 season on the Sunshine Ladies Tour, which will kick off in January.

Upon returning from South Africa, I collected my bag as part of an exciting bag reveal session at golfscape’s office space in Dubai. I was completely overwhelmed about the premium quality of the Vessel staff bag. I fell in love with the design, the color combination and the sheer feel of luxury.

I am still fully blown away and fully concur with this article. I cannot wait to start the 2019 season in South Africa on the Sunshine Ladies Tour, having my golfscape/Vessel bag on display.

- MG x