Travel light. Travel smart.

Sitting in a coffee shop always gets me thinking – somewhat more than usually. But sitting in an airport terminal waiting for a flight to depart, makes me ponder about life and dreams even more, including a mental review of 2017.

As I am about to depart my second last flight for 2017, I realized that I already boarded 42 flights during this year. Some has been for my sister’s wedding, spending time with close family friends. Most flights had been for tournaments as a professional golfer.

Although 2017 left me disappointed on the golf course, it also taught me that one should never give up on your dreams. This year saw me playing my first Sunshine Ladies Tour event in South Africa, preparing for China LPGA Q-school and debuting my pro career in Asia.

Every flight I boarded, I boarded with expectation. The expectations led to lessons learned. And as I am about to take off on flight number 43 for the year, I am grateful for each lesson that I have learnt during 2017, on and off the golf course. This year came with challenges, obstacles, disappointments, mistakes and injuries. This year showed me who I am, who and what I need, who needs me, but also who is only willing to be part of my life and dreams when it suits them. This surely was a bitter pill to swallow! I quickly had to learn that being a professional athlete means traveling the world, boarding flights, catching airplane flu, waiting for luggage on baggage carousels, living in hotel rooms and playing different courses weekly. I also learned in chasing dreams and defining limits daily that your supporting circle is the most important travel accessory. These special people are the ones that will keep you going, push you harder and pick you up when you fall. Your circle makes the effort worthwhile.

Traveling this journey mostly alone, isn’t the easiest part, but by picking your battles, traveling light with the proper support structure, means your travel on the journey of chasing dreams will be smart.

-MG xx


Muscat International Airport

Madeleen Grosskopf