Rise above yourself

Setting out on the greatest journey ever - turning professional.

I played amateur golf in the UAE and GCC and can claim some success - multiple victories and Top 5 finishes do look good in my amateur trophy case. Looking back I realized that I set goals for myself that matched the trophy case (and only two seasons of competitive golf experience). I also realized that my goals do not match the new journey I faced.

Goal setting comes easiest in a coffee shop. Sipping a cortado in my favourite coffee shop, I pondered what I can do differently to prepare better for the latter part of 2017. Options come easily: learning the finer art of rules, improving my strength, mobility and flexibility, to name but a few. So I took two weeks off and experienced the beauty of Ireland - the country my sister (and biggest supporter) now calls home. Two weeks of clearing my head! Upon my return, I started working vigorously with a successful S&C coach, ready to be the best out on the course. Without listening to my body's screaming signs to slow down, I ended up with a lower back injury that set me back another three months.

Rehabilitation called for multiple doctors' appointments, X-rays, and MRI scans. Coffee shop blues kicked in again; the overwhelming thought of failure left me feeling depressed. Did I turn Pro too early? Am I good enough to succeed? Do I have what it takes to be on the big stage? Perhaps this just isn't for me. The empty pages in my 2017/18 Moleskin that cried out for tournament information did nothing to inspire of break the chain of negativity.

Then I received a message from a dear friend: "Remember that you are you're own worst enemy, BUT also remember that you are your own best motivator - has been and always will be." Suddenly it clicked in so clearly: Only my own behavior, my own decisions, and my own actions can lead me to my goals.

I realized that I kept staring at the mountain of disappointment and "failure". I should instead, see this period as an opportunity to reset, rebuild, and conquer the challenges. I need to be consistent with rehabilitation. I should embrace this time to work on my weaknesses, because it is during difficult times that one grows - grows to overcome the obstacles you set in your mind and rise above yourself!

-MG xx

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