Ahead of 2017: Have a plan.

As I reflect on my roller-coaster 2016 season, I realized once again the importance of having a plan and not be a dead fish in a stream. I thank each and everyone for your support, your guidance and your time in 2016, helping me reach higher heights, dreaming bigger dreams and growing my wingspan for the 2017 season that lies ahead.

I share a piece of advice I read one morning while enjoying some much needed family time in Dubai.

"You've got to have a plan. A plan is a map, a guide, a target, a focus, a route, a signpost, a direction, a path, a strategy. If you allow life to turn up any old thing you'll be floating downstream as quick as you like. Not all plans work out, not all maps lead to treasures. But at least you're in with a better chance if you have a map and a shovel than if you just dig random - or like most people, don't dig at all.

Work out what it is you want to do, plan it, work out the steps to take to achieve your goal, and get on with it. If you don't plan your plan, it will remain a dream."

With the 2017 season ahead, my focus changed from few amateur tournaments in the Middle East and South Africa, to only professional golf tournaments in South Africa, Europa and the possibility of Asia. I reflected on what I needed to change most from the previous season, and came to terms with the difference in standard from professional and amateur tournaments. Playing thus only on professional tours, will prepare me to the best of my ability for LET Q-School in Morocco in November 2017.

Family time in Dubai, UAE ahead of the 2017 season.

If you don’t plan your plan, it will remain a dream.
— Excerpt from The Rules of Life